Vvdi key tool update, software download, how to use

xhorse vvdi key tool price: $249.99

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xhorse vvdi key tool update:

Go to VVDI Key Tool SYS set to update

Connect device to PC with a USB Cable.
Click “Update Online” button to start update.
Wait for update completed.

vvdi key tool software:

Software Version: V1.2.8
Hardware/Firmware Version: 1.1

Vvdi key tool 2.1.9 software download:



vvdi key tool how to use:

VVDI Key Tool clone Honda 46 Chip Transponder

VVDI – wiring diagram for 3M25J mask located in ISMDSM unit of MBenz

Xhorse VVDI pro: here Wiring diagram for 3M25J mask located in ISM/DSM unit of MBenz


Here all dumps readed after renew this DSM unit with VVDI MB tool

https://mega.nz/#!5A52mZgI!THRQxXZsxuKPcajAMhhBR1u8nZReSm9hV5sSCyP-2OA (pass: 19.3.2017)

Part number: A000.270.18.52

HW number: 005.446.18.10

Boot SW: 012.448.46.10

Main SW: 011.448.98.10

When MCU UN-Secured, then enough only 4 wires to solder at MCU ( i found this wiring in VVDI Prog ) I don’t know the best technique how to lift so small legs, but need to have steady hands and very slowly and carefully lift the legs…
but first better to take out all tin with some desoldering wick-wire