The reason why Xhorse developed VVDI Mini keytool

The reason why VVDI Mini keytool is rolled out: (opinions from professionals)

There is no buttons and screen on the mini keytool (a mini display for frequency test)

All must be done via the mobile and connected by Bluetooth

All data of remote generation is stored in the mobile application

That is, the mobile provides storage space and screen for vvdi mini key tool

It can save a lot of money and engergy in hardware design

(hardware: the handheld machine, built-in battery, Bluetooth and buttons

main board: chips for calculation and data storage)

So you can get the mini key tool at a better price, 100 usd cheaper than vvdi key tool

vvdi mini key tool price: 150 usd around

vvdi keytool price: 250 usd around

All calculation or operation like chip copy is done via the server

Then transfer to your mobile by the Internet

So, the vvdi mini key tool actually is a tool for data read and write

The good:

The mini key tool is small, light and portable

It’s easy to update app. Most update can be done on the application

Works as other app produced in the current mobile Internet era

Starts and runs very fast:  (20 seconds to test frequency)


The bad:

Power and network are required.

If there is power or network connection, you can do nothing with the key tool

On a side note,

Keyline 884 is the first chip-copy machine using cloud computing

The hardware design is very easy

All computing/calculation is done on the sever

Keydiy and Xhorse are inspired by Keykine

Then KD-X2 and Mini key tool come to the market

For 4D chip copy, in the past people must have a separate cloner box to use with the copy machine

There are several sd cards for storage decoding data

Same as the 46 cloner box

To copy chips offline, users must have a stand-alone computing hardware and a handheld coil for recognizing and frequency test, to use with buttons and screen. In terms of hardware, the factory spend a lot with the old chip copy machines, much more than the vvdi mini key tool. The merit is that you can make keys, test frequency and copyc hips, etc. without a mobile. The mobile is necessary when copying 96 bit chips or other online calculation


How to combine VVDI MINI Key tool and VVDI2

Confirmed! VVDI MINI key tool is able to be combined with VVDI 2.

That is, vvdi mini key tool and vvdi2 will share an account and any bonus points you earn in the mini key tool will be transferred to the VVDI2, and have all points in one place.

The instruction is:

Connect VVDI2 to the Xhorse Upgrade Kit – click on “Binding” – Log in with your account – Fllow the guides on the page

The steps in detail will be released soon…


(Updated on 24-04-2019)

Steps in detail:

VVDI2/VVDI MB TOOL combination: 
Run upgrade kit,
connect the device to PC by the USB cable,
read device,
will the get QR code automatically,
login Xhorse APP,
enter ‘Account’–‘Combine device’,
then scan the QR code to combine to account.
login Xhorse APP,
connect the device by Bluetooth,
enter ‘Device & History’ to combine