VAG & BMW key programming: VVDI 2 vs. ZED Full

A good thread with reviews of VVDI2 vs ZED FULL, which tool is better for VAG and BMW key programming…. Here you go.


Thread: VVDI2 vs ZEDFULL what is better for VAG and BMW




I have both, vvdi2 by far when it comes to VAG


i have vvdi2 and autohex2 ,for the best is vvdi2. work perfect


i have vvdi2 and zed full for vag and bmw vvdi2 is best for me
zed full is good too for other marks


I have both and vvdi2 is better, ZED FULL always delay with their software and updates compared with other tools.


i agree. Vvdi2 better. also have a zedfull, in bmw is my only option (have a tcode pro but dont buy bmw modules). made a few bmw, a x5 and x6 by obd and work fine, and a mini too. in vag is not very updated, sometimes in vw brazil have a few issues, for ex: trying to make a all key lost 2015 voyage, read pin ok, and tell me wait 15 min for security, then make weird config and dashboard say key 2-6, dont acept more keys, try again, wait another 15min, and again, i want 2 key and zedfull put 6 in programming. tcode make ok in the first attempt


I have Zed-Full and to be honest it’s a bit of a disappointment. Slow bringing out anything new on the VAG front. Older A3’s and TT’s never seems to be able to read the pin when other tools do fine. Not great on newer Marelli dash especially doesn’t like the one in the VW UP. Never manages to read any CAS modules by OBD (used to ok but hasn’t successfully read a single one for months) on top of that it’s expensive to run.
I’m about to order VVDI2 (Would have updated my AVDI but not going to be forced into dealing with KAP)



So, Xhorse VVDI2 WINS! With more support in terms of BMW and VAG key programming!



VVDI Prog 4.5.6 test: 100% read BMW ECU MEVD1724(N20)

VVDI PROG Programmer V4.5.6  new test report….


Hardware: VVDI Programmer Xhorse

Software version: 4.5.6 (newest)

Test ECU: BMW E Class MEVD1724 N20 Engine

Function: ECU reading


Test procedure:

1.Start VVDI Prog software,and choose BMW E Class MEVD1724 N20 detailed type.
2.Click “Connection Diagram”.
3.Do the soldering according to the wiring diagram.
4.Click read on the software menu. After finish reading, please save the data you have read.


Test report: Successful!
With VVDI Prog 4.5.6, you can get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service. If it supports to read BMW ISN, after click read, it will show the ISN automatically

VVDI Prog read D70F3624 from PSA Airbag

Here is my experience of VVDI Prog reading D70F3624 from PSA Airbag. Big thanks to Samic’s technical support.

First, read D70F3624 from PSA Airbag, but not working.


[2016-10-21 16:30:08] : Select <D-FLASH>

[2016-10-21 16:30:13] : Check Device…

[2016-10-21 16:30:15] : 12V Power Adaptor connected

[2016-10-21 16:30:15] : Initialization device…

[2016-10-21 16:30:17] : Initialization success!

[2016-10-21 16:30:18] : Initialization chip…

[2016-10-21 16:30:19] : Try Frequency 04000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:19] : Try Frequency 08000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:19] : Try Frequency 10000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:20] : Try Frequency 12000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:20] : Try Frequency 16000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:21] : Try Frequency 20000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:21] : Try Frequency 04190000

[2016-10-21 16:30:21] : Try Frequency 01000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:22] : Try Frequency 02000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:22] : Try Frequency 05000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:23] : Try Frequency 06000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:23] : Try Frequency 09000000

[2016-10-21 16:30:23] : Try Frequency failed

Tried with and without external +12V supply.

Also tried manual frequency 8MHz and 4MHz. (I saw it was tested automatically but tried anyway.)

Tried with and without FLMD1 connected. (Not used by other programmers)

Also lifted 2 pins that you can see on pictures that were connected to RXD and TXD lines.

Using MCU Reflash Cable V2 (verified connections inside, yellow wire on correct location, also did continuity test on the other wires)

I tested myself the test points where I’m soldering against the MCU pins.

Some technical stuff from Samic:

VCC is set to 4.5V as default and measured 4.55V on pcb.

FLMD1 always at 0V.

FLMD0 pulled up to 3.5V.

RESET when goes up reaches 4.5V.

TXD when goes up reaches 3.9V, RXD 3.3V, bit timing of both RXD and TXD at any frequency set is always 104us (9600 baudrate).

Oscillator on board is 8MHz.

There are messages on both RXD and TXD.





Tried with another programmer that reads it fine.

Device id:

10 7F 04 61 7F 7F 7F 8F 80 80 80 80 02 7F 7F 01 02 C4 37 B0 46 B3 B3 37 31 20 20 7F FF 00 00 00

VVDI prog doesn’t even reach that part, it stops after the first reply of the mcu.

I recorded my other programmer reading it with Saleae Logic (v1.25)

Also Technical stuff from Samic:

checked dump, this programer use the default low baudrate 9600bps to read data.

VVDI PROG changed baudrate to 153600bps to decrease read time

baudrate change step:

1.Use low baudrate 9600 wakeup the chip, if get the correct response,go to step2

2.Start change baudrate, due to the d70f3624 doesn’t know own osc frequency,programer need send it the accurate value

(VVDI PROG put some common-used osc value,so you can see try frequency xxxxhz info)

3.Programer send the new baudrate value to d70f3624, vvdiprog use 153600bps

the d70f3624 can calculate the new baudrate with the osc value, but if the osc value is incorrect,you will get a wrong baudrate

(eg: the actual osc is 4Mhz, if you set a 8Mhz osc value and change the baudrate to 153600bps the chip will set a 76800bps)

4.Use the new baudrate to communicate

Maybe the osc frequency is not in VVDI PROG osc value list

Please grab a new dump with vvdiprog, need to further analyze of the problem.

Good luck!