Condor XC mini Update Tool 1.0.9 Free Download

Free download ikeycutter condor xc-mini update tool v1.0.9 on Mega:

Condor XC-Mini update tool

condor key cutting machine key data customize tool:

Update steps:

Do not turn off or unplug USB cable during updating

If the update fails, turn off anti-virus software and then try again.

1- connect keymachine to pc with a usb cable

2- turn in the keymachine

3- click on the “update online” button to start update

4- the screen will appear “updating” prompt

5- update complete


Why is the condor mini update tool used for?

Device info


Fix data error (picture list, ect.)

Fix “internal error 1” error

Enter BIOS mode

Clear all data (need redo: cut_calibrate, x1 init and x2 init)

Select clamp

Offline update

Create file

Fix “internal error 2” error

History record


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