VVDI Prog Renew bmw E series 868 key

I did renew 2 keys! Both worked and now are programmed to cars! Renew BMW series E 868 key – 100% OK z vvdi prog v4.5.7

Only thing you need to disconnect from PCB is battery while writing the renew file.

I think that is only for those who have older version of that adapter. Older version came with 33 ohm resistor and later they decided that it is not needed and newer adapters like mine came with 0 ohm resistor that is just connecting both sides together without resistance.
If you have that 33 ohm resistor then remove it and short-connect it.
If you have 0 ohm resistor, then don’t mind that first box in connection diagram. It’s not for you.

I did it in circuit.

VVDI Prog Reviews from digital-kaos.co.uk: CAS3, CAS3+ OK

Hi there Guys……

I was expecting the VVDI Prog to be good with the HC912 and HC9S12 but is hasn’t been good. Some MCU it reads and others not.
Many chips it gives the Crack Failure.
I read also 1J35D and now the Ignition is DEAD. I can eeprom but ignition is no longer responding.

I tried to read Tricore ECU TC1796 / TC1976 and it give CHIP ID but fails to crack chip security. I connected up the FG TECH on the ECU and it read immediately.

But I read the CAS3 & CAS3+ MCU with VVDI Prog and that worked perfect.

Start VVDI Prog software
Choose the type, brand, chip
Go for the connection diagram


Finish the wiring and check it
EEPROM, click on “Read”
Save the data you have read
Flash. Click read again