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Dolphin XP005 Plus Key Tool Max Cut BMW HU92 Key

How to: Copy a BMW HU92 key by Xhorse Dolphin XP005 and Key tool Max? Preparation: Dolphin XP-005 auto key cutting machine Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Original BMW HU92 key+ Blank key Procedures: Connect Key tool max with Dolphin XP005 via Bluetooth Enter Dolphin XP005 main menu Select the corresponding car make, model and […]

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VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Key Tool Max+ Autel IM508 Program SUZUKI CIAZ 2019 Remote

It’s tested ok that SUZUKI Ciaz 2019 can generate remote key by Xhorse VVDI key tool Max and program remote with Autel MaxiIM IM508. Car: SUZUKI CIAZ year 2019 (chip: 47 433 MHZ) Two keys: one original working key+ one VVDI smart remote Devices: VVDI key tool max + Autel MaxiIM IM508 key programmer Procedures: Step […]

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VVDI Key Tool MaxXhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

How to Program Toyota 8A All Keys Lost by VVDI2+Xhorse key adapter

Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-smart key adapter is a new cost-effective adapter. It works well with VVDI2 or VVDI Key tool Max plus Mini OBD Tool without disassembling the IMMO box. It supports the car models incl. Levin, Corolla, Rav4, Land Cruiser Prado, Camry, Highlander, Reiz and Sienna. No need token and license!  Here share the detailed guide to do […]

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How to replace ESL with VVDI MB BGA Tool?

When ESL is damaged, it need to replace new ESL. Four steps to replace ESL with VVDI MB BGA Tool: Step1. Erase EIS, then re-write EIS and personalize ESL, finally ESL is synchronized. Note: if you not erase ESL at first, but only personalize ESL, the ESL won’t be synchronized. To erase EIS, both Key […]

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Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

Xhorse VVDI2 Add New Key to BMW 318d FEM/BDC

It’s tested ok to add new key to BMW 318d FEM /BDC using Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer. Car: BMW 318d Device: Xhorse VVDI2 commander key programmer full version BMW FEM /BDC BMW F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3 test platform without Gearbox Procedure: Remove the FEM/BDC module from car trunk Connect VVDI2 key tool with […]

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Xhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine

Why Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 can’t decode any key?(Wrong Probe)

Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Customer Feedback: I had watched and follow your video in calibration and had done it properly.. but i dont know why i cant decode any key? Why Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 can’t decode any key? As the picture show, the customer use the wrong probe, the probe he used is for Xhorse dolphin […]

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Xhorse VVDI Prog

VVDI Prog V4.9.3 Update and Software Download

VVDI PROG Latest Software Version update to V4.9.3 on April.29,2020 Download: VVDI Prog V4.9.3 Software VVDI Prog V4.9.3 Update details: * This version DON’t need update firmware * Fix 93Cxx ERASE BUGs + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.9.3 version in Doc folder + Add S2943 option in<1-EEPROM&FLASH-><SEIKO> + Add S2943(CLIP) option in<1-EEPROM&FLASH-><SEIKO(CLIP)> + Add EIZ-W906-9S12XDT384, EIZ-W906-9S12XDP384(ADAPTER), EIZ-W906-9S12XDP512, EIZ-W906-9S12XDP512(ADAPTER) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER-><BENZ> + Add CRAFTER-EZS-9S12XDT384, CRAFTER-EZS-9S12XDT384(ADAPTER), CRAFTER-EZS-9S12XDP512, CRAFTER-EZS-9S12XDP512(ADAPTER) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER-><VOLKSWAGEN> + Add ARRIZO3 option in <5-DASHBOARD-><CHERY> + Add FIAT500 option in <7-AIRBAG-><FIAT> + Add GLC260-ELECTRONIC-TAILGATE-UINT(2016), V260-STEERING-COLUMN(2016) options in <8-OTHERS-><BENZ> + Add BESTURN B90 CONTROL UNIT-PKE(2015) option in <8-OTHERS-><FAW> + Add CLIO-HFM-MODULE option in <8-OTHERS-><RENAULT> + Add PHAETON-REVERSE-RADAR-UINT(2012) option in <8-OTHERS-><VOLKSWAGEN>

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VVDI Key Tool MaxXhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine

Dolphin XP-005 with VVDI Key Tool MAX Cut Honda Activa 3G Key

It’s test ok to cut Honda Key using Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP005 with VVDI key tool max. Preparation: Honda Activa 3G key Dolphin XP-005 auto key cutting machine Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max M1 clamp Procedure: Connect key tool max with Dolphin XP005 via Bluetooth Open Xhorse APP, enter Dolphin main menu Select All Key […]

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VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Mini OBD Tool Update Guide

Vvdi mini OBD tool update is done via key tool max upgrade. You need Xhorse Keytool Upgrade Kit which is Installed on your PC with the Internet connection online. >>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instruction. This stage do not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max. The […]

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VVDI Key Tool MaxVVDI super chipXhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

VVDI2 plus key tool max Programming Toyota 8A H Chip All Keys Lost

How to program Toyota 8A H chip all keys lost by VVDI2 and key tool max. Tools need: Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version + vvdi super chip Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max with VVDI MINI OBD Tool Procedures: Immobilizer box off-line match (here need VVDI mini OBD tool) OBD match without disassembling Immobilizer box Disconnect the […]

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VVDI BMW Tool V1.6.0 Update and Software Download

VVDI BMW Tool Update to V1.6.0, support reading egs isn for 6hp. *** 2020-04-15 *** Require firmware V1.4.6 ===== BMW V1.6.0 ===== 1. Improvement for CAS4 OBD(5M48H/1N35H/1L15Y) FAST-MODE unlock: 1). Unlock only need 2 minutes 2). Support read D-FLASH(EEPROM), P-FLASH via OBDII 3). Support OBD exchange CAS4 4). Suppot fix remote/smart function via OBDII 2. Improvement for E-series programming and coding: Support programming compatible software version 3. Improvement for F/G-series programming and coding 4. Support read E-series 6HP ISN – require online 5. Add FSC function-Support backup license, write license, calculate NBT/CIC activate code 6. Support OBD read ISN – EDC16xx, EDC17xx 7. Bugfix for F-series special function: Initialize windows 8. Improvement for exchange CAS3/CAS4/CAS4+ 9. Support customer request with car 10. Bugfix VVDI BMW Tool  V1.6.0 download link:

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