2014 vw Jetta all key lost with vvdi2

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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Here, I can tell me how to program 2014 vw Jetta all key lost with vvdi2:

Remove cluster. Pull eeprom. 24c32 and put into service mode and refit.
Read Immo data and write new key.

I do these on the bench to prevent loss of abs coding or read it with Vagcom first just in case

(thanks to Carlton Quay)


Question: Do you have bench rig?

Answer: I just made it myself. Bought some plugs off eBay and made it for about $20. You can buy them but are easy to make
I just find it easier since the cluster is out and apart anyway


Question: So you will only plug the cluster back after the dealer key is learnt ?

Answer: yep. Car starts then I learn a second key if required by obd

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