2016 Nissan Teana Smart Key Programmed by VVDI Key Tool Max Pro

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Use Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro and Xhorse Nissn Smart Key (XS) to program a new smart key to 2016 Nissan Teana sucessfully.

Original key info:

J32 model, year around 2016

It’s an old model car but it’s new

VVDI Smart Key:

XSNIS2EN, Nissan 4 button

1.Read transponder of the original key

It’s ID46, PCF7952A

2.Test frequency of the original key

The frequency is 315 MHZ.

The original remote will have a code.

3.Program remote

Select Remote Program>> Nissan>> TEANA>> TEANA (2007-2012) KeylessGo ID46, 315M

There is code FCCID KR55WK48903, which is the same as the back lable of origianl key.

Put the Xhorse XS Remote to the coil of Key Tool Max Pro

Press Create

The remote will be changed to that of a Nissan Teana   chip 46, frequency 315MHz FSK

It’s 100% ready, burn success!

4.Program IMMO

Go to IMMO Programming function

Insert the origianl key into the car slot, and turn on the switch

Press twice to turn it on

Tap Nissan>> Select from system>> Smart>> 4 digits PIN>> Type 4 (with slot-button type)>> Immo and key programming

Step 1: Read BCM code

Switch the ignition on, read the BCM code is CF3V2

Step 2: Calculate password

Confirm to calculate password online

Got the old and new password

Cars from 2009 onwards will use the old password, but the 2016 car needs to use the new password (6626)

Step 3: Unlock steering

Input the password 6626

Turn off the ignition

There will a sound of unlocking the steering wheel

Unlock steering wheel successfully

Step 4: Program smart key

Insert the original key into the slot and turn the ignition switch on

Input the new password 6626 again

Turn off the ignition and take out the original key, and then insert it into the slot and turn on ignition again, observe the car-shaped light

The car-shaped light blinks 5 times

Complete part 1 of the program

Remove the original key, and insert the VVDI XS Remote and turn on the ignition

The car light will blink and accept the second key

Turn off the ignition and take out the new key

Put the original key into the slot and turn ignition on again

It will be on and off. The key light flashes.

The key-shaped light blinks about 5 times. Once it’s done, we press the brake.

Turn the ignition on, and it has to end with pressing the brake and then starting.

After the light blinks 5 times, it’s finished.

All set now. You can leave it for 10 seconds then start, the program is successful.

Remove the original key and test the Xhorse XSNIS2EN Nissan 4 Buttons Smart Remote, press the remote, and press the brake, it’s able to start normally.

If you are not serious about starting, just get this one and start it right away.

Great! VVDI Key Tool Max Pro and Xhorse XS Smart Remote program 2016 Nissan Teana smart key perfectly.

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