2019 Condor Mini Plus – What’s New – YOU HAVE TO KNOW

Condor XC-Mini Plus

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Have summarized something new on Condor Mini Plus key cutting machine.

It’s also what you have to know.


  1. The screen: can be moved. there are 3 specifications. and it is more user-friendly, to adjust to the height appropriate, to prevent reflection in the sun.

  1. The dust cover: larger than Condor mini
  2. The bottom tray: larger and with good security

  1. The organ cloth: added to prevent the key debris from entering the inside of the machine and avoid short circuit after the power is on. (The position of the organ on Condor mini is open and cannot be guaranteed)

  1. The opening and tray: there is an opening at the bottom of the device, and also a tray for receiving debris. It will increase the protection mechanism and prolongs the service life of the device.

  1. The main board: new, different from Condor mini

In summary:

1) Space between cover and key is bigger…. for XC-MINI many keys with casings like VW flip key will not allow you to close the cover .
2) They should make the screen with adjustable angle. Many time the machine is on a higher / desk and it’s then difficult to operate and see what’s on the screen.
3) Mounting support – to make it easier when mounting the machine on a Mobile unit as you don’t want it flying around in the back of your VAN….

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