2021 VVDI Mini Key Tool Review: Clone Transponder and Test Frequency Perfectly

VVDI Mini Key Tool

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Here have collected some newest customer reviews about VVDI Mini Key Tool. They say it works well in transponder detection, clone and frequency test, etc, worth every penny!

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The mini key tool is like the description. It’s working very well in transponder detection and frequency test.


The xhorse mini key tool with vvdi super chip I have ordered arrived super fast! Good Machine. Already installed and now work with it.


Everything’s fine, replaced the staff key and sonata yf remote control with a great turnkey. Easily prepared remote control (prescribed in the car with x431pro) and leaned the native chip on the xhorse super chip.


Works. I tried only on Hyundai, the chip recopied. After the first charge, did not use and for a month also shows full charge. Brought straight home!


So satisfied! This xhorse mini key tool comes with 10 super chips. The device is working well.


Works good I did some research and this mini key tool does work if you need to unlock used smart key for Toyota like the 2010 Prius this is the tool to get you need to keep trying until the light at the smart key flashed I was able to read frequency for Honda keys and from the remote on a 2007 Cadillac Escalade good quality will recommend!

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