BCM2 Audi A5 2008 read/write with VVDI-Prog

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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An interesting discussion about using Xhorse VVDI PROG to read/write nec upd 70f3380 BCM2 from Audi A5….

Discussion from a Facebook group – Xhorse the best:


Discussion between Planete Gsm Ales and Martin Atkinson (BIG THANKS)

Here you go.

Planete Gsm Ales:

Hi i have bcm2 for audi a5 year 2008. i need read the nec 70f3380 with vvdi prog but cant detect frequency failed. Any one can give me a solution .thnx

Martin Atkinson:

It’s an option In the immobiliser section under Audi isn’t it?

Planete Gsm Ales:

Same problem in immobiliser section is supported. I tested it but same problem . I have 2 bcm2 bit same probleme

Martin Atkinson:

I had an issue with an a5 but it was the car having a faulty bcm2 in the end, but this sounds like a different issue as mine read fine but vvdi2 couldn’t use it

How have you got it connected and have you tried setting the frequency manually

Planete Gsm Ales:

You can get me the correct frequency for this mcu

Martin Atkinson:

Have a look what value the oscillating crystal has on the bcm2 that should tell you, think it’s either 4.00 or 8.00 can’t remember tbh

Planete Gsm Ales:

Hi thnx friend is ok read but the nec is all fffff

You can get me the file off the nec

Martin Atkinson:

I’m not sure what you mean, do you want me to send you the file I read from a bcm2?

If it’s all ff then it’s not read it correctly

You should be able to see the part number and the vin In ascii section of the file

Planete Gsm Ales:

Hi thnx freind . I read it is very good . Thnx

But if you have any file from your bcm2 i need it for compare it with my file

Martin Atkinson:

Pm me your email and I’ll send it accross

Planete Gsm Ales:

now is good. VVDIProg managed to read and write nec upd 70f3380 bcm2

Have fun

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