BMW e92 CAS3+ Change KM with Xhorse Key Tool Plus via EEPROM

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One customer uses the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus to read key info, EEPROM data and repair KM on his BMW E92 CAS3+ all keys lost successfully.

This is his CAS3 BMW.

After connecting Key Tool Plus and vehicle, he goes to operate with Key Tool Plus.

Select Immo Programming

Then select BMW>> Select from system>> CAS3/CAS3+ Immo system

1.Read key info

Select Key function and start programming

Select Generate keys via OBD

Connecting to CAS system…

  • Read key information

Click No to select All Key Lost

Confirm the key info and continue to read

There’s no key in ignition, press ok to continue

Read data success

Save the data with a filename

  • Edit key info

Select key 2 to operate

The system prompts the operation will disable “2”number key

Press yes to continue

The system prompts insert the original key into ignition switch or close to the sensing coil

Just press ok to continue

The result is no original key was found. It’s correct!


Select EEPROM function and start programming

Select Read EEPROM

There’s no key in ignition, press ok to continue

Current EEPROM is not the whole EEPROM, read and save it then continue with other function

Read EEPROM data success

3.Change KM

Select KM Repair and start programming

Select repair mileage via EEPROM

Select CAS3+ (0L15Y, 0M23S)

Load the original EEPROM dump file to continue

The old km in file read out is 193236, and input the new KM is 123450.

Confirm the new KM want to change

Save the new EEPROM dump file

Change KM in immobilizer success, flash the new file into immo ecu.

Then need to change KM in instrument dashboard manually before connect IMMO ECU to car

Select repair mileage via EEPROM

Select CAS3+ (0L15Y, 0M23S)

Load the EEPROM dump file just saved above to continue

Now the current KM is 123450.

Alright! It’s so good to use Xhorse Key Tool Plus on BMW CAS3+ All Keys Lost.

Read key info success! Read EEPROM data success! Change KM via EEPROM success!



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