VVDI super remote

VVDI super remoteXhorse remote key

How to Choose Xhorse Remote Key

Xhorse Remote Key Comparison Table: Item Wired Remote Wireless Remote Super Remote Smart Remote PCB Item No. XK series XN series XE series XS series Package       Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Way to generate remote Socket connection Wireless generation Wireless generation Wireless generation Chip No Yes Yes (super chip) Yes (smart) Transponder […]

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VVDI super remoteXhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine

What is VVDI super remote?

This is VVDI super remote by Xhorse: source: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi-super-remote.html The VVDI super remote can be used as the following chips 7935 (33 40 41 42 43) 4D (60 63 70 80 83 72G 67 69) 7936 (46) 4E (64) 7938 (47) 4C (CAROLLA EX) 7939 (49) 8C (Haima) 7937 (46) 8A (Toyota H chip, Hyundai – copy) […]

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