How to change/setup a language to Condor XC-Mini

ikeycutter Condor XC MINI

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How to set a language to Xhorse Condor XC-Mini:

Step 1: send the machine serial number to the seller

Condor mini languages available: Portuguese/Spanish/French/Germany/Russian/Czech/Arabic/Turkish/Dutch/Polish/Bulgarian/Norway/Slovakia/Italian/English/Chinese

Step 2: the Xhorse factory will help change a language

Step 3: done with Xhorse

Step 4: update Condor mini yourself

  • Connect MINI CONDOR with your computer by USB cable.
  • Turn on key cutting machine.
  • Run Update Tool software, you can download from
  • Click update online button to start update.
  • Wait for the process.Finish.

Step 5: restart the machine


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