Condor Dolphin Key Machine Reviews

Condor XC-Dolphin

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Here are experience of Condor dolphin key cutting machine.

Bobb Keil: The dolphin cuts high Security, standard security, and tibbe akl it will duplicate single sided. The xhorse cutting tools are designed for Automotive keys. Dm me if you have questions I have the mini and the dolphin


Carlton Quay: mini has its own screen and the dolphin runs from your phone or tablet


Jason Henkle: I’ve cut eight keys and I’m down to about 85% last I remember and I charged it on Tuesday when I got it. I think it was rated for more than 25 on a full charge. It weighs a decent amount and I’m still thinking of a way to bolt down. I’ve only had a Framon for over 12 years so this this is a luxury!


Ameer Hasan: nothing to worry about there is a tech support also its a good machine i got it couple months ago its a fantastic machine worth of money


Martyn Clinton: I got a condor and a dolphin

Both are ok
Condor has less glitches
Both have shit names
I mean

A future vs a ninja vs a dolphin!!!


RonandJennifer Walker: I love mine. Does have a little learning curve. It is a trashy little thing though. I used a SEC-9 mounting bracket, had to drill a couple holes but works great. The SEC-9 DC converter plugs right in and works great.


Akos Subecz: Nice to have it on job site, but if you want to use it daily, it will be your worst nightmare. 3x slower than other machines because the small motor, so you cut 2 times less keys as with other machine. More difficult to change tracer and cutter because smaller spaces, the jaw you need to change with allen key not with fast release handle. And probably you use the phone app, you get a call as you try to cut, takes extra time, so for first machine i dont recommend, for a backup and carry on i recommend it highly.


Akos Subecz: i have a Condor Mini as a main machine, it works really good for me. Of course i have manual cutters as well.


David Sánchez M: the best!!


Bobb Keil: I love it. I’m testing it before it goes out on it’s own. So far it’s pretty well built and cuts great


Adam Goldhawk: I have it and I like it no problems here


Hsen: Condor XC-Dolphin is an entry-level product of the CONDOR CNC machine family. The body design is simple, it is very suitable for mobile use in the mobile scene, without an operating screen, you need to connect a mobile phone or tablet, and install a dedicated APN.


Ruslan Yanchevskiy: Finally I got my Dolphin machine here. Looks and works good so far. Now my XC-mini got sister and Xhorse family is growing

My XC-mini doesn’t like the cold, you need to use the hair dryer to lubrication the lubrication. This one works without a problem.

“vedro c boltami” works great in offline mode. But to connect to this pour, you have to go to the “location” on your device, otherwise you can’t connect it. It’s all the same as the internet of all key lost, to cut the key on the code.


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