Condor XC-mini cut/copy Citroen key

ikeycutter Condor XC MINI

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Xhorsetool technicians today copied/duplicated a Citroen key successfully, using Xhorse Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine. Here is the process of key data learning and key cutting.


Step 1 – original key decoding

start Condor XC-MINI machine

Enter the Main interface, click on Key Duplication

Choose the Car Maker, click on Confirm

Choose Car Type, click on Confirm

Choose the Car type and Year of the production, then Confirm

Put the original Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen, then Click on Decode Key

decoding the key…

xc-mini display

then take off the original key

Step 2 – new key cutting

Put the new blank key properly

Verify bit code and modify bit code if needed, click on Cut to start

then put the other side of the key to cut continue (click on Cut on the menu)

use the brush to clean the key then take it off the machine

Step 3 – key testing

Use the new cut key on the car

It’s verified to work well.

Xc-mini machine cut a key SUCCESSFULLY

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