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Reviews of ikeycutter Condor XC MINI key cutting machine…. Here you go

Condor XC MINI Review 1:

I had problems on a Civic…. There are two widthson these, I believe its the O type and the OL type,
if it cuts the neck at the bottom (not the depth cuts but the actual neck where you have no authority)
cuts too much (it wont work ) 02 Jazz fine… 06 CIVIC no good.

now there are two types of HOn66 cuts available on the Condor (but they cut the same)

Also VA2 – the Megane emergency blade,
you need to add depth to this cut,
I add about.35mm and then sometimes have to go back and add more otherwise the key wont fit.

I Am happy with my condor… Yes very much so far.
but you have to figure out the bugs (the update on mine helped a little)

Condor MINI Review 2:

condor mini still having a some bugs.
I just bought one month, and already update to latest firmware, v2.1.1
1. Volvo HU56 thickness setting wrongly, it should be 2.5mm, and cutting thickness should be 1mm.

  1. as tomasete say also, it will cut the clamp without notice. I have X6, will always notice that cutter will cut clamp when wrong setting, or something unnormal happen, but condor mini would not.
  2. I use Condor key data customize tool create my own key, after synchronize to condor mini, it have internal error 4.
    I try to delete but nothing happen, now i cant remove form condor.that all, no other issue anymore, mini condor very accurate and can create own key database for special key. This is very good function. Cutting speed also very good compare with X6key cutting machine.
    I very satisfied with mini condor.
    Hope mini condor can improve to better.

More Condor XC MINI Reviews:

i see is cutting to deep,all cutter,probe,clamp are 100% stable.

Va2 ok
Va6 ok
Hu92 ok
Hu83 ok
Sip22 ok
Ne72/73 ok but some time need to adjust.

i cut 2 hu66 keys with no problem

hu100r works fine

Hu100 Opel GM uses only 8 cuts.

Hu 100 Opel tested and OK

Smart 450 uses YM23.
Condor can make these 100%.

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