Dolphin XP005 Make Keys to Honda RSX All Keys Lost

I have one Honda RSX Motorcycle, but I lost my keys one day. So I want to use dolphin XP005 to make a new key. Now follow me to see how to do it.

I Open Xhorse APP on my Android phone, and turn on the Bluetooth to connect with xhorse dolphin xp005.

Enter DOLPHIN main menu, select vehicle database->Honda (Cycles)-> All key blank-> HON41 (96-).

I follow the prompt to put the blank key on the XP005 key cutting machine and fix it

Then it needs to input the code number, just press the following corresponding number.

OK, press cutting key at the bottom right corner.

Cutting key…

Wow, just wait for some minutes, and the key has been cut quickly.

I take it out to test my motorcycle. Great!!! It can start normally, also can open the trunk.

I like it!!! Now I can drive my honda to eat some delicious food with my friend.


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