Fixed! Mercedes C200 W204 2007 mileage not showing on dash

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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Problem description: Mercedes C200 W204 2007 Replaced the cluster due to electrical problem. Now mileage not showing on the dash.

Mercedes Benz mileage programmer I own: Digiprog 3, VVDI Prog.

What to do next?

Move eeprom 95128 from old cluster to the new one. Cluster dump I can read with Xhorse VVDI prog. VVDI prog doesn’t support W204 EIS.

If old cluster is not available, Previous job(replacing cluster) done at somewhere else. Post Current Cluster dump and 4 byte SSID from Key or EIS. Read also current km value from EIS

Finally updated!

Customer came back with old cluster.

Swapped the eeprom from old cluster. All good.


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