Four Steps to Calibrate Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 in 3 Minutes

Condor XC-Dolphin

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In the last post, we have introduced Xhorse Dolphin XP008 Mini mechanial key cutting machine which is special for Bit/Pump and Safe Deposit Box Keys. Today we’ll share how to calibrate it in four steps for the first time to use. Easy and fast, only 3 minutes!

Step 1. Install the calibration plate

Turn off the power of Dolphin XP008

Loose the clamp

Take the calibration rod out and stick it into the spindle pin hole

Loose the lock screw with a wrench

Remove the cutter

Install the calibration plate and lock screw

Step 2. Lateral adjustment of Micro-adjust base

To start with

Make sure the main and auxiliary clamps stay inside A and both locked

Rotate the handwheel till the calibration plate touches the rightmost position of the auxiliary clamp

Then slightly loosen the fixing screw of the sliding base

Use an Allen wrench to slowly adjust the left adjusting screw until the key cutting guide touches the rightmost position of the auxiliary clamp as well

Tighten the fixing screw after the adjustment

Step 3. Vertical adjustment of Micro-adjust base

Stick the calibration rod into the clamps and tighten the clamp

Make the rod stick close to the XP008 key cutting guide and the plate simultaneously

You can adjust the knob of the micro-adjust base to make sure that there’s mo resilience between the key cutting guide and the rod.

Step 4. Height adjustment of Micro-adjust base

Height adjustment is usually finished before the Dolphin XP008 leaves the factory.

Rotate the handle to adjust the angle of the rotation table to ensure that the key cutting guide and the plate contact the rod simultaneously during the rotation.

Alright, the calibration of Xhorse Dolphin XP-008 has been completed.

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