How do both Xhorse remote and original one work when add key for VW Touran?

Xhorse KeyXhorse remote key

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Problem: Yesterday I tried to add key from xhorse, on VW Touran 2012. Making clone id 48 successfully and starts car. When I add remote, the vehicle take program successfully, but when I add xhorse remote the original one not working, when I add the original, then Xhorse remote not working.. I do clear all remote but same, it accept only one remote.

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Add 2 remotes again, because almost all programmers delete the previous learned remote, so you need to relearn all remotes. Haven’t had any problem with these, good luck.

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Both wired remote and wireless remote are working for VW Touran 2012.

Wire remote key source:

Wireless remote key source:

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