How to Adjust Xhorse Dolphin XP007 at the First Time to Use?

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Xhorse DOLPHIN XP007 is a portable manual key cutting machine with double-side multi-function clamp and a built-in battery inside. It is powerful and compact for cutting laser dimple and flat keys. For different kinds of keys, how to adjust the machine and put the key on the correct clamp to cut? Go ahead to read this post.

We should loosen its screw.

Its armrest handle has to be pushed it upward. After the armrest pushed up, the clamp can be moved smoothly.

Then we remove the screw and tighten another Handle at the first time we use the Dolphin XP007 key cutting machine, but no need to tighten it too much.

And then we open it at the “on” gear with the light on.

Here is the mini screen shows its power with lithium battery in.

Or you can use its 100-240V power cable to charge in the behind of the XP007 machine.

Every time you can check its power from the mini screen.

Next we will calibrate its cutter.

The right side is for probes and left side is milling cutter.

We calibrate them with these double lights on, and get them on the same level.

These two forward screws control the moving area of the clamp, longitudinally and horizontally. It is based on individuals’ using habit.

The clamp needs to be fit at this place, with the arrow pointing at zero scale.

This right side of the clamp is for flat milling keys mainly.

The kind of flat milling key like this typical key is for Toyota.

It is cut in this place. Cutter would cut its two sides.

And another side of the clamp cut many keys.

We change another side of clamp to right side.

It dots and drills on the kind of house lock key.

We can use this gadget to operate like this.

So does car vertical milling keys.

Cylinder key is cut here.

This kind of house crescent key is cut like this.

That’s all!

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