How to Check Battery Info of Dolphin XP005L?

Condor XC-DolphinVVDI Key Tool Max

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Customer problem:

I used Dolphin XP005L to work with VVDI Key Tool Max Pro, but I couldn’t charge XP005L as the charging didn’t work.

Here is the suggestion of engineer.

Please check the battery info and send it to us to confirm the result.

Two methods to check battery info:

Method 1:

Connect Key Tool Max Pro and Dolphin XP005L Key Cutting Machine via Bluetooth

Once connected, the Bluetooth icon will appear on Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro

Go to Xhorse App menu

Select Device info>> key cutting machine>> power>> battery machine

Method 2:

Remove the baseplate of Xhorse Dolphin XP005L

Unplug and plug the green cable from the battery

Check the battery info on the screen of Xhorse Key Cutting Machine

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