How to Clone Chip 46 by VVDI Key Tool Max

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Guide to clone Chip 46 for Chevrolet Captiva 2011 by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max with super chip XT27A66.

Tools need:

Original remote key comes with chip 46

Insert super chip XT27 into valet key

VVDI Key Tool Max


Step 1: Test two car keys

This key cannot start the car, when insert it into ignition, the security light is not go off.

The smote key can start the car, and the security is gone after turn on.

Step 2: Start to clone

Transponder clone

Put transponder into the coil position to detect as the picture shown

Press Read Transponder

Read out chip info successfully

This chip is 46 can be cloned, and press Clone

ID46 online calculation, press Start clone

46 Transponder clone

Put the original car key into the coil for identification

There are four options for choose:

1.Original key clone (customer key is original chip)

2.Original key clone- Long distance sniffer (sniff 8 times)

3.After market chip clone

4.After market chip clone- Long distance sniffer (sniff 8 times)

This time we choose 1.Original key clone

Close the key tool Max antenna to the ignition switch

Insert the original key and turn ignition on, turn off then pull out

Collect data success

Put the original key into key Tool Max coil to calculate

Query the calculated results from the server

Then take out the original car key and then put super XT27A66 transponder to write

Detected VVDI super chip and clone success

Finally, use the clone key to test the car, the security light go off when turn on

Start the car successfully


VVDI key tool max supports Generate transponder, Transponder Clone, Generate Remote, Remote Clone as same as VVDI mini key tool. The difference is key tool max adds IC copy, and can matching transponder/remote/smart card with MINI OBD.

Note: You can get free key tool max copy 48 transponder (96 Bit) function authorization (this authorization cannot purchase), but on the premise of generating 10 remote keys and get points, after 1 hour, and the server will automatically open copy 48 transponder (96 Bit) authorization.

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