How to clone key id446 hitag2 with VVDI Key Tool

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Here tips for the problem:

Trying many times to clone this key (id46 hitag2) with Key tool 7936 but vvdi asks for tpx3 or sn2 Why? I try to use new 7936 it says wrong chip!


Tips from experienced users:

Tip 1:

Need to use the chip the key tool its asking. The first time I tried same as you, same chip. But it doesnt work that way to clone it. Get SN002 key, very good. Wireless programming

Tip 2:

I’ve done it with the super chip and it works flawlessly, but I always try to generate the chip then program it into the vehicle instead of cloning, hope this helps.

Tip 3:

If you want to generate a chip you can use any 7936 or id46 chip, but if you are cloning you need a 7936 xhorse special chip or a super chip

Tip 4:

maybe it wasn’t a special vvdi 46 chip, there are 3 types:
7936 blank or id46 blank: you can use them only to GENERATE any type of id46.
7936 or id46 special chip: is the same as cn2, it work only whit vvdi and it’s only for cloning, cloning is not the same as generate.
Vvdi super chip: it’s only for vvdi and you can use them for generate and clone any type of chip or id

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