How to connect Xhorse XDKP30 Multi-function Adapter for Key Tool Plus?

VVDI Key Tool

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Problem: got one Xhorse XDKP30 Multi-function Adapter for Key Tool Plus, the only socket I can use it the Bosch.

The problem in detail:

I need something to link those 2 sockets as every time I try to read an EZS unit it says cracked chip and maybe because it is not connected properly its failed on 4 now and I have attempted 4.

This is EZS adapter cable.

That is a picture of the EZS adapter lead, it won’t go into the adapter in the EZS slot, both are female, 1 should be male.

It doesn’t fit I have to go into the Bosch ECU Plus and I’d that why it won’t read the EZS and I always get a cracked chip message on the VVDI Key Tool plus, I tried 4 different EZS units now and none work.

I am going onto immo then Benz, then choose the correct adapter, then EEPROM.

Xhorse engineer replied:

Please look at the following image, connect “NO 1.” (IMG 1)  to “NO 3” (IMG 2). “NO 2” connected to DB15_15 adpater to VVDI Key Tool Plus. FYI, DB15_15 adpater is contained in the package of Key Tool Plus.



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