How to Cut Household Key by Xhorse Dolphin XP007?

Dolphin XP007 is a professional portable manual key cutting machine. With a built-in battery inside, it works perfectly for Sided, Track, Dimple and Tibbe keys on mobile phone application via Bluetooth connection. Here mainly share the guide to cut household key by XP007.


One original key+ one blank key


Xhorse DOLPHIN XP-007 Manual Key Cutting Machine


Test the original key can work normally


1.Put the original key on the right place of clamp, and fasten it.

2.Put the new key blade on left place of clamp, fasten it.

3.Turn Condor XP007 key cutting machine on, hold the two handle to set the height and position

4.Set the position well, then start to track and cut.

It will take about 2 minutes to finish whole cutting process.

After the key cutting is completed, insert the new key into cylinder to test

Finally it can open the cylinder successfully

For your convenience, here is the video of Xhorse Dolphin XP007 cut household key:

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