How to Fix Dolphin XP005 Error ‘Key Center offset is too large’?

Customer problem:

We having issues with our Dolphin XP005. when we use the m1, we were able to scan the key biting, but once we try to make the biting a warning massage pop out. And if we press continue then the cut will be very off. We order a new xhorse m1 clamp, replace the tip and we even updated the machine again but it still the same. Can we have any other suggestion…


Check and make sure you’re on the newest firmware.

Afterwards do a height alignment and make sure BOTH, the probe and cutter are moved.

Also, the 1.5mm is highly recommended.

Customer’s feedback:

OK, I adjusted the 1.5mm and that fix it.

Credit to @ Justino Garcia @Jason Henkle.

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