How to install VVDI-Prog and VVDI2 on the same laptop Win 7?

Question: Can VVDI-Prog and VVDI2 installed on the same laptop Windows 7?

Xhorse Vvdi prog installed and used with no problem but can’t get vvdi2 going on the same laptop.

Answer: The problem is that not just VVDI, all other tools except VCDS use genetic ftdi driver .

Problem come when you install one device with this driver , you cannot install other . Because Win7 do not know how to separate this driver between devices like Win XP.

Only Win XP can do this , separate this driver between devices.

I had same problem and had to find Laptop with Win XP. I install first SMOK which use same driver and after that I was not able to install VVDI or any other device with ftdi driver.

Only solution was is , to ,make own driver with own name , example “VVDI Driver installer” like VCDS did , but of course this cost money which no one want to inverts and spend money on this.

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