How to Read BMW CAS4 Data by Xhorse Mini Prog?

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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Xhorse Mini Prog is a professional smart chip programmer. Works on Android and IOS smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi, it features in reading & writing data for different chips without soldering, cutting the wire and lifting the pin. Here will share the guide to use it easily.

Step 1: prepare an Android or IOS smartphone (no computer or other devices any more).

Step 2: Download and install Xhorse application in APP store or Google Play and find MINI PROG.

Step 3: Start working

Just follow the instruction on Xhorse APP to operate.

Each step such as reading or writing can be finished on your phone. Any problem, just directly contact “Customer” on the APP.

Guide to read BMW CAS4 data by Mini Prog:

1.Finish the step 1and 2 above firstly

2.prepare adapter board and align the points it touches

3.Use the wand to polish these contact points so that the probe makes good connection with PCB

4.Fit the adapter to PCB, adjust it

5.Lock the adapter with the fixing piece

6.Conenct Mini Prog with adapter

7.Run Xhorse APP

In the MINI PROG main page, select “IMMO”-> “BMW”-> “5M48H”-> “D-FLASH”

Click “Read”

8.Follow the prompt to click “Start” button on Xhorse Mini Prog or press “Continue” in Xhorse APP

9.We can open the log file to check the process

10.Read the CAS4 data successfully, then input a file name and save the data

If you want to make a new key, you can load the data to programmer to make it.

That’s all!

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