How to Replace Battery on Xhorse King Card Smart Remote?


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Xhorse King Card Smart Remote is the 2021 newest XS smart remote. It features in about 1-2 coins smaller than the bank card thickness, 4 buttons (unlock, lock, trunk and panic) on the side and two built-in 3V batteries.‎


Xhorse King Card Overview:

Xhorse King Card advantages:

  • It can be easily placed in a wallet and stacked with various cards. Especially in the summer, thinner and lighter cards are more comfortable to carry and put in your pockets than the larger various original car keys.
  • The built-in battery is upgraded from the traditional one battery to two, and this smart card can last longer.
  • The 4 buttons on the side are compatible with more button functions and can be turned on blindly according to the position of the up and down layout.

For the new user, here is the tutorial of how to replace the battery on Xhorse King Card once the built-in battery has been damaged or run down.

The operation is very simple, just need to prepare the tool that can remove the key cover.

Open the shell and remove the battery, then install the new battery, finally close the lid and press it tightly.

You also can use other tools to dissemble and install battery.

Refer to the operation diagram as below.

Xhorse XSKC04EN XSKC05EN King Card Smart Key Remote:

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