How to Solve Condor XC Mini Plus II Register Error ‘Request failed’?

Here share the related solutions to resolve Xhorse Condor XC Mini Plus II key cutting machine register problems.

1.Customer problem:

I cannot register my Condor XC Mini Plus II successfully.

When I entered my telephone number and the security code to login, I got an error message ‘Request failed, please retry later’. I tried to connect another network, and also use try to connect hotspot on my smartphone, but still failed to register.

  1. Customer problem:

Once the verification code is entered, instead of finishing the setup, it kicks me back to the start screen and I cannot get past this loop. There is no error on the screen. I click START TO SET, all it says is “verify success” and then im back on the start screen. engineer replied:

For the ‘Request failed’ problem, please follow the steps as below to connect Wi-Fi again.

Step 1: Slide your finger up the XC-Mini Plus II interface, tap the Home menu icon

Step 2: Tap the circle icon

Step 3: Select Settings>> Network& internet>> Wi-Fi>> Turn on Use Wi-Fi>> select the available Wi-Fi to connect

If it still cannot solve, refer to the following method. It can be used to fix the second customer problem as well.

Step 1: Click the circle icon to return to the main interface of the device system

Step 2: Open the browser interface, enter to download the APP installation package and install it directly

Step 3: Open the APP, reconnect to wifi, and enter the verification code to log in

If you can’t fix it after reinstalling the software, try to solve as below.

Step 1: Return to the main interface of the system

Long press the plusII application icon to pop up the application information

Step 2: Drop down and click “Storage” to clean up the storage space

Step 3: Enter the application and try to register again.

If that still doesn’t work, restore factory Settings and register again.

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