How to Solve Condor XC Mini Plus Stop Working Problem

Condor XC-Mini Plus

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I have a new condor XC mini plus. It cannot connect to bluetooth with smart phone! Unit is NOT discoverable. Goes into sleep mode in 2 seconds after you power it up. Computer cannot communicate via USB! engineer replied:

The possible reason is that there is something wrong with the software.

You can solve it by updating the software with Xhorse upgrade kit software without booting the machine.

Step 1: Connect Condor XC mini plus key cutting machine with the computer via USB cable

Download the newest Xhorse upgrade kit software and update it to V1.7.1

Step 2: Run the upgrade kit application

Step 3: Start update software, choose Condor Mini

Some customers may confused KM03 or KM02 which one you need to choose, please check your serial number firstly. If KM03******,choose KM03 is OK.

Step 4: Click “check device”. After recognise the device, please click upgrade.

Step 5: Wait for it until the update process is completed.

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