How to Solve Xhorse Condor Mini Plus Failed to Cut HY18?

Condor XC-Mini Plus

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Customer problem:

My condor xc mini is crazy when it cuts hy18, it doesn’t stop cutting and it doesn’t come back to finish the key. I update the software and downgraded it too but still the same. The software I downloaded is 3.2.0. I guess it’s the latest. Machine started acting weird after I downloaded the latest software. It started acting like a Christmas tree. It has no issues cutting other key blanks, only hy18. How can I solve this problem? engineer replied:

The newest software of Condor Mini Plus is 3.2.2.

Please update the software via Xhorse upgrade kit software as below.

Step 1: Connect Condor Mini Plus with computer

Step 2: Download newest Xhorse Upgrader Kit V1.7.1.

Run Xhorse update kit application

Step 3: Start update software,choose Condor mini

Some customers may confused KM03 or KM02 which one you need to choose, please check your serial number firstly. If KM03******,choose KM03 is OK.

Step 4: Click “Find device”. After recognise the device, please click upgrade.

Step 5: Wait for it until the update process is completed.

Finally, restart to cut hy18 key again.


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