How to Solve Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Error Code: 6?


When I use Dolphin XP005L to do key cutting calibration, it can move forward and backward only, not sideways. The screen displays an error ‘ERROR CODE: 6 Detected cutter’. engineer replied:

Please go to ‘Device information’>> ‘Cutting setting’>> ‘Clamp’

Select ‘M5’ in the clamp option which is at the bottom of the interface

Save it after setting

Then you can do key cutting calibration.

Tips: Once you set the parameter and save successfully, the step 3 install and fasten champ M1 will turn to install and fasten champ M5.

If the clamp still cannot move left and right.

First, please break the fixture to the right by hand, and then do the X-axis motor test to check whether the fixture will return to the left. If it does not move back, please remove all screws, and open XP005L shell to check whether the X-axis line is loose. If it’s loose, screw it tight and test again.



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