How to Solve Xhorse Multi-Prog Driver Not Working?

Xhorse Multi-Prog

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One customer gave feedback that his Xhorse Multi-Prog driver stopped working, and he couldn’t use the device normally. Here shares the solution offered by engineer.

Simple guide to install driver:

Win10 will install driver automatically.

Win7 needs to manually install driver.

1.Connect Multi Prog to the computer

Connect power supply to multi-prog and also turn on the device.

2.Click “Help” at the top of the software interface

3.Select “Install the driver”

4.Press “Yes” to allow Zadig to check for application updates online.

5.If the device name is blank in the pop-up, the device may not be recognized

Try replugging the device or changing the port until the Multi-PROG Programmer appears

6.Click the arrow to find the CDC driver and start the installation

7.If the installation fails, try clicking “WIN7 Repair Drive” back and then installing the driver again

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Whatsapp: +8613343421783

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