How to solve xhorse vvdi key tool max in stealth mode?

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Problem: look at the following image, the right one xhorse vvdi key tool max is in stealth mode, after tried to turn it on, the screen won’t flash the log quickly as normal, it’s beeping but the screen is always black. Then I tried to cover our bases first so I plug in some power and I try using that power button one more time, I can hear the booting sound but nothing happened.

Suggestion 1.

on my VVDI mini I found a reset button in a pin hole on the back, I was able to reset and then update, try the reset first.

Suggestion 2.

Try holding both buttons together for 30 seconds. That might do a hard reset.

Suggestion 3.

Download vvdi2 software and install it on your computer.. then use the update tool with keytool max selected then try to reload update software..

Xhorse Senior Engineer solution:

Probably the vvdi key tool max led screen is faulty or the cable, unlikely to be software issue, please contact your dealer for repair the screen.



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