How to use VVDI BMW for FRM programming/coding/fixing after flash damaged


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Does the default coding option give you a spot to write vin?

you can write vin


Repair frm via obd?



that’s impressive usually a boot job

its flash not eeprom


its flash not eeprom

its F01013 converted to 2014 look dashboard and lights , NBT


how the tool selecting software to flash? By vin, by previous software no, by Vechicle Order or any combination?

extended identification, vin and many others criteria to be able to choose the most compatible flash


do you know winkFP ?

we use the same way to choose flash with combination of esys and ncexpert but sure we make it much simple and gather latest database

always original softwares give the best and most stable solution

Winkfp use previous software no in comfort mode and 4 files in expert mode. If you don’t know software no or you don’t know how to find it you unable to flash. That’s why I’m asking


Cas3 and damaged pflash. Eprom is good. What vvdi bmw will do?
No communication to the unit

we just use a part but sure we make it automatic choice , we link the extended ID identification with the flash , u dont need to choose, server will choose


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