How to use W202/208/210 for EIS password calculation with VVDI MB


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W202/208/210 EIS cable for password calculation:



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Q: Can someone tell me how to use this adapter cable eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w202-w208-w210? When I opened the program MB tool I did not find any W202/208/210 in the esl section?

A: This cable its only for renew ELV

This is only for eis not for elv the switch is for switching between cpu 1/2 and it works fine for pass calculation

Q: That’s what I wanted but in the dropdown menu in the ESL section there is not listed W208….under OBD and under adapter choice neither???

A: I don’t think you can renew a w202 elv with vvdi… make it with programmer!


Q: the switch is for read Motorola 1 and 2 with vvdi mb?

A: yes


Q: with vvdi mb ? or with other machine or programmer

A: vvdi mb:




This cable for eis only ..w210 elv not supposed on vvdi mb and must use power adapter with this u can use ak500 or abrites for elv

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