Hyundai Grand I10 Key Programming and Remote Matching by VVDI Key Tool Plus

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad supports instrument programming on HYUNDAI. Check the guide to program a new key and match remote on Hyundai Grand I10 with the working key.

Firstly, test the working key and new key before programming.

Then connect VVDI Key Tool Plus to the vehicle properly

Next, start to operate on tablet

Step 1: Generate transponder

Put one transponder into the coil of Key Tool Plus

Enter [Generate Transponder] function

Select by transponder 16 item-> ID47-> New 7938 chip-> New 7938 chip (chip: VVDI XT27)-> Click “Generate” and wait the process is successful

Step 2: Program remote

Take out the transponder

Enter [Remote Program] function

Select Hyundai-> Grand i10-> Grand i10 ID47 1970

Connect Key Tool Plus with the new key and click “Generate” on tablet till the process is complete

Step 3: Program IMMO

Enter [Immo Programming] function

Select Hyundai-> Read Pin code->ID46-> Click “Begin”

Insert the new key to turn on ignition switch

Read out password

Confirm whether to test the password read, just click “No” to continue

Then select by type-> key programming-> Type 4 (CAN) and click “Begin”-> Select Key programming

Then follow the prompt to switch ignition off, then on or click double flash button once to make sure the system is activated.

Input the password to learn 1 key

Insert the programmed key and switch ignition on

When the key 1 has been learned successfully, continue to learn key 2 by the same step.

Step 4: Match remote

Back to select key type page

Select remote system->16 PIN-> Type 2-> click “Begin”-> select remote key adaptation

Choose OBDII interface and turn on ignition switch

Then turn off and remove the key

Press UNLOCK or LOCK button for more than 1 second to match remote

Match 1 remote successfully, then use the same method to match 2 remote

Finally, use two keys to test the remote and start the car

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Full Configuration Powerful Advance Version:


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