Key Tool Max Plus Mini OBD Tool Program 2011 Chevy Captiva Chip & Remote

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Problem: Customer lost his 2011 Chevy Captiva working remote, the new remote cannot start (security light doesn’t go off)

Solution: Program new remote using VVDI Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Tool

Prepare all the goods required firstly.

Plug Mini OBD Tool into the vehicle OBD port

Connect Key Tool Max with Mini OBD via Bluetooth

1.Program chip

Enter IMMO Programming menu

Select Chevrolet-> Captiva-> IMMO system-> Non-smart-> Type 1

Read the function description (All keys lost)

All keys will be deleted

Start execution-> All keys lost

Turn ignition switch to ON

Need at least 2 keys to perform this function! Or it can not start! Confirm to continue

Wait for 12 minutes…

The security light is steady

After wait for about 11 minutes, the security light goes off

The follow the instructions to operate step by step

1).Turn off ignition switch

2).Turn on ignition switch with key 1 for 5 seconds until security light goes off, then turn off and remove

3).Turn on ignition switch with key2 for 5 seconds until security light goes off, then turn off and remove

4).If need to add more keys, please repeat step 3

Finally, test all keys, and all can start the car normally

After programming chip, need to program remote

2.Program remote

Go back to remote system (Chevrolet-> Captiva-> Remote system)

Select Type1

Read the corresponding function description

Start execution

Select Add remotes

Turn ignition switch on

Press both Lock and Unlock buttons of adding remotes for 10 seconds

It will sound response 2 times

Check if the programmed key is valid

Match remote successfully

Test the remote can use perfectly


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