(Review) VVDI Key Tool Copy ID46 Chip: Success

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VVDI Key Tool Reviewcopy id46 chip ….
first read the chip then press clone and sniff data from ignition coil then you will be asked to put the original key inside the induction coil for calculating key data. *be careful when calculating because the tool can’t calculate key data if the key is not placed in proper position* I had difficulties placing the key and failed several times.
Here is what I did: read original key » sniff ignition coil data » calculate original key data( first put the key into the induction coil and notice the progress bar should show increase in percentage if not then slightly move the position of the key until the machine read percentage) » calculate successful » remove the original key and place recommend cloning transponder into the coil » press copy( if it’s Hyundai ID46 key then you should see READ MORE!! And Here you can get the pin code) »Successful (Done!!!)
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