Solution: Error can’t find VVDI-MB Tool


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This is a solution for those have problem with VVDI MB Tool cannot find out

Error message:

error-can’t find VVDI-MB Tool, reconnect VVDI-MB and try again


1.Please use xhorse update kit software to update firmware and check again.

Please click find device firstly,after computer recognize your device serial number and firmware version,then click upgrade.

If can find device,and update successfully,usually it is OK to run vvdi mb software.

2.If after click “Find Device’,still got not found error.

Please download the two drivers,run the first one,if not working,try the second driver.

download link:

Driver 1:!0eA3USiL!s7Z76bQDNJ3B0ldRnO6FT_1XjRsiSsXbtE9T93MVAGc

Driver 2:!Ba5XRTLT!gFiQzVjd9gdd1gwZV3Srz74z4flzgu6lD3f2ahEwiaM

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