Solution for Xhorse Key Tool Plus Self-test error: FPGA certification error

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When I used VVDI Key Tool Plus to read eeprom, it prompted ‘Self-test error: FPGA certification error’. It just happened occasionally. Sometimes I restarted the device 4-5times and it used normally, but sometimes it still stopped working. engineer replied:

There is something wrong with the PCB. You’d better send it back to repair.

Here are the steps to remove the PCB.

Step 1: Loosen the screws on the back of the Key Tool Plus

  • On the edge of the device: 8 screws
  • Middle position of the device: 4 screws

Step 2: Remove the cover

Step 3: Follow the pictures as below to operate one by one

Finally, the PCB can be taken out and sent back to your dealer for repairing.


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