Solution: VVDI MB Tool Error ‘Start transfer/receive data…failed’


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Sometimes, when you use VVDI MB and Xhorse ELV Emulator to replace Benz ESL, it may appear the error ‘Start transfer/receive data…failed’. Don’t worry! What you need to do is check if the line connections between the devices are correct, and read EIS data or not.

Correct line connection diagram

The guide to replace ESL:

1.Calculate the key password

2.Load EIS data

Tick the ‘TP Cleared’ and ‘Personalized’ options below ‘Write’

Click ‘Write’ to complete the step

* Except for the password calculation, the whole step is operated in the ESL tools interface.  


The ESL replacement is in the same way as the simulator.

When operating on the vehicle, it is necessary to clamp the K line of the ESL.

There are four wires on ESL. The thinnest wire bundle is broken and clamped with the blue clip of OBD cable before operation.

It doesn’t need to clamp the K line alone on bench.

Reference: How to replace ESL with VVDI MB BGA Tool?


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