(Solved) Mercedes E320 Key Cannot Work by Cutting with Condor XC MINI

Condor XC-Mini Plus

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@Lock Medic Locksmiths

Mercedes E320 key have tried 5 times to copy this key with mini condor, just does not work, using 2.5mm cutter, cuts show as 1213355344 new one looks ok but just won’t open the lock. Any ideas?


Here are some suggestions from the Condor XC Mini users:

@Jeff Leeper:

File the shoulder

@Fórizs Józsi:

If it’s the Xhorse key, decode as hu64 and cut as hu64-3.

@Warren Rockley and Khurram Shahzad

Try with 1.5mm cutter.

@Joe Refa:

My suggestion is let the decoder run then before he start to cut move the key 1.5mm back and let the cutter cut it.

Try to follow the suggestions to operate. Finally, the customer gave feedback ‘all sorted now.’

Thanks to all users above.


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