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Condor XC-Dolphin

Condor Dolphin Key Machine Reviews

Here are experience of Condor dolphin key cutting machine. Bobb Keil: The dolphin cuts high Security, standard security, and tibbe akl it will duplicate single sided. The xhorse cutting tools are designed for Automotive keys. Dm me if you have questions I have the mini and the dolphin   Carlton Quay: mini has its own screen and […]

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Condor DolphinCondor XC-Dolphin

Condor Dolphin review: coldproof & no Internet issues

Xhorse Condor Dolphin review from a real customer: (18-03-2018) Finally I got my machine here. Looks and works good so far. Now my XC-mini got sister and Xhorse family is growing My XC-mini doesn’t like the cold, you need to use the hair dryer to lubrication the lubrication. This one works without a problem. “vedro c […]

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