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Xhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine

How to Cut Key after Changing Cutter by Xhorse Dolphin XP005?

Question: If a cutter breaks on a Dolphin XP005, is there a way to continue cutting the key after changing the cutter? It seems it would be problematic because the probe would no longer see it as an uncut key. Answer 1: Only way is to put a blank in and after it indexes the key […]

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Condor XC-Dolphin

Condor Dolphin XP005 vs. XP007

Here is what the difference between Condor Dolphin XP005 and XP007 key machine: Condor Dolphin Xp005 is automatic machine working with phone app it’s good machine ,fast n easy on the job. Condor Dolphin xp007 is manual n has limitations . relies on your skill of locksmithing or requires keymoulds for all key lost situation.but it’s also […]

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