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VVDI Keytool Registration Solution: Server Error

Tech support: VVDI Keytool pops up “Server error” when a user tries to sign up/ register Error: Server error. Pls contact dealer for help Solution: The server error means the vvdi key tool app is old. and you should have a new version. pls scan the code to download/update vvdi keytool app

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VVDI Key Tool

Xhorse Tech Support: VVDI Keytool Server Error

This is for VVDI key tool with error message when connected to the mobile phone: Error message: Server error. Please contact dealer for help. Solution: you should use the new xhorse app. download with scanning the code attached or search: xhorse app then download it Good to know: VVDI Keytool stopped production! VVDI MINI Keytool […]

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