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VVDI Mini Key Tool

What’s the advantage of VVDI Mini Keytool?

VVDI Mini Keytool (VVDI Lark) advantages: start fast (for seconds) quickly detect chips make remotes copy remotes generate chips (incl. Toyota H chips) copy chips (not covers H chips) enable Bluetooth connection used on a mobile (iOS or Android) with APP download detect the frequency with 30 cm   It features: light and portable powerful […]

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VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Lark Key Tester vs. VVDI Key Tool

Both VVDI Key Tester and VVDI Key Tool are two key programming tools from Xhorse. The key tester is new (will be released in the year 2018 probably) and the key tool is released in the year 2016.   Look here in detail…   What is VVDI Key Tester? (also called VVDI Lark) It’s designed to generate and […]

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